We Want Your Reviews

And we will pay for them.... Its true, for a limited time I will pay £5.00 directly into your Paypal account on every review submitted to the site.

We Want Your Car Reviews

To make sure that I don't go bankrupt I am limiting this to the first 20 people who submit per month. And its one review per submission please?

Whats the Catch?

No catch really. Just submit your 250-500 word review of your family car with a picture to verify you do actually own the said car, or have at least driven it whilst borrowing or hiring. You can submit as many reviews as you like but submit them individually. They have to be written for a family audience, and that means no Swearing! Please include the Make, Model and Year of the Car in your Title and a few pointers on what you liked and didn't like. Then finally please mark your vehicle out of 10.

How do I get my Fiver?

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Step Three

In the email you send me make sure you tell me which Paypal Email Address to send the £5.00 too. (This is Very Important!)

We Want Your Car Reviews

Step Four

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Review Example:

Kia Carens 58 Plate Dark Blue

Mark out of 10 = 7

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

I bought my Carens a while back and it has really served me well. The flip down seat in the third row are ideal for extra passengers, even adults. Considering the size of the car it actually has a lot of space. The middle row seats have two ISOFIX fixings on the outer two seats. The middle seat in the middle row is a bench seat. I had the 1.6 Diesel, which worked out about £165 in Car Tax a year. I got an average of about 40 miles per gallon. I bought it when it was 18months old for about 10K. I think it was about 16K new.

Kia Carens Revew

What I liked

The easy flip down seats in the back. The cheap Car Tax and 5-Year warranty. The initial purchase price. Quite Cheap servicing, (about £200).

What I didn’t like

No tinted windows – but you can get these on higher specification versions. Sounded a bit clunky and the engine was a bit loud.

Review by AJ, Mum and Personal Slave to Four Children