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Toyota Prius Plus

User & Expert Reviews Aggregated

The Toyota Prius Plus has been reviewed by Experts (6) and Users (3). Its average score is 65 out of 100. This is based on 9 reviews in total.

Aggregated Car Review Toyota Prius MPV

What Car - Expert

What Car say the Toyota Prius MPV is expensive but cheap to run. Although the initial cost is high, the interior quality isn’t but the number of gadgets is. High marks are given for space, practicality and equipment (this contradicts other opinions when rear boot space is discussed).

Toyota Prius Plus front view

Toyota Prius Plus pictured above.

Performance is scored low (2 out of 5) despite having a more powerful lithium battery in the prius plus 7-seat compared to the 5-seat version. The overall score is an average 3 out of 5.

Auto Trader - Expert

Auto Trader are impressed with the Toyota Prius Plus green credentials (and who wouldn’t be) but not so much with the space available in the boot when all seats are in use. Lack of space in the boot of 7-seaters is such a common problem that I’m tired of mentioning it. The boot space is small and so are the rear seats. The low C02 is impressive. The driving experience is described as dull. Despite this, compliments are given to the Prius + for having the lowest drag out of any other 7-seat MPV.

Toyota Prius Plus boot view

Toyota Prius Plus boot view pictured above.

The dullness, according to Auto Trader, is improved by the panoramic glass roof and touch screen entertainment system. They test-drove the Prius MPV in a real life situation and only managed 55mpg (about 10 miles less than the manufacturer quoted figures). I see why they only gave 3 out of 5, because you can probably get the same MPG from a diesel engine without spending as much on this special environmentally friendly MPV. The rating given is 3.1 out of 5.

Auto Express - Expert

The same gripes as other reviews are echoed in this one. The Toyota Prius MPV is expensive to buy but cheap to run. Despite historic press on the reliability of Toyota’s (recalls etc) Auto Express are impressed that the Prius Plus mark 3 came seventh in the 2012 driver power survey. They are slightly impressed at having an inch or so boot space more in the Prius Plus than the Zafira Tourer. The 5-year warranty given by Toyota helps Auto Express give it a 4.5 out of 5 for running costs. The rating given is 3 out of 5.

Toyota Prius Plus seating view

Toyota Prius Plus seating view pictured above.

Parkers - Expert

A positive review has been written by Parkers, which is due to the Prius + economy and savings offered when using it as a company car (tax). Unfortunately, the same themes as other reviewers are discussed by Parkers (economy, dull interior and initial expense when purchasing). The rating given is 4 out of 5.

Parkers – Owners (N=3)

Well with most owners (2/3) giving top marks real owners love their seven seat Prius Plus. It’s the economy and sleek design. No one mentions the cheap plastic and grey interior. The reversing camera makes parking easy (it does with all cars that have it). People love the electric engine and the pounds saved by driving a Prius in electric mode. One guy likes the tiered seating. The rating given is 4.3 out of 5.

Toyota Prius side view

Toyota Prius Plus side view pictured above.

Honest John - Expert

Mr John or should I call him Honest has a lovely and factual review that was written in March 2014. He says the PP (Toyota Prius MPV) gets a little noisy at speed and the CVT gearbox isn’t fantastic. Everything else is based on facts and figures. The rating given is 3 out of 5.

Car Buyer - Expert

Considering the running costs are so low why do Car Buyer score the Toyota Prius plus a 3.8 out of 5? Don’t they deserve top marks? Reliability and safety score well. The greenest and cheapest is the 1.8 VVT-i Hybrid Icon, whilst the fastest and most expensive (luxurious) is the 1.8 VVT-i Hybrid Excel.

There are only two types of Prius Pluses to choose from. You can either have cheap and green or more expensive, fast and green. Car Buyer commends the battery life’s 8-year cover. The actual car is covered for 5 years. On the whole this review is generic and outlines similar themes to other expert car reviewers. The rating given is 2.4 out of 5.


The Toyota Prius Plus is expensive to buy (just under £30k) but cheap to run. You won’t get the exact manufacturer MPG figures but you’ll get pretty close. The interior could be better and some don’t like the design. Driving experience could be better but overall the environment benefits outweigh everything.

The Aggregated Car Score given by motormum for the Toyota Prius MPV is 65%.


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