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Audi Q7 2015 (2nd Generation)

2015 (2nd Generation)

Not much has changed with the way the 2015 Audi Q7 looks. The boot space remains the same. Although Audi have added a modern grill (3D-hexagonal) and airplane looking daytime LED lights. The Audi Q7 is a large, luxurious and rather lovely seven seater car.

According to Audi the Second Generation 2015 Audi Q7 luxury MPV 7 seater is a whole lot lighter helping it to be more economical. According to Audi the 2015 has shifted weight comparable to a grand piano. This equates to about 500kg or 1000 bags of sugar.

Audi-Q7 2015 Front View

There’s a new retractable touch screen to control systems with an added bonus of using the steering wheel or MMI button as controls too. There are seven driving modes. An example of which is the ability to control your speed when driving downhill. This will (I assume) save on brake pads. I’ve not tested my theory. The Q7 prevents collision by applying brakes with the pre-sense function (the pre-sense function is an add-on).

Purchase Price

The on the road price for a 2015 Audi Q7 ranges from £46,925 to £53,970. The cheaper one (albeit by only 5K) is the 218 PS SE model. The most expensive is the S line 272 PS. Both versions have 8-speed Tiptronic engines.

Co2 Levels / Car Tax

Considering the beast that is the Audi Q7 7-seater the Co2 levels are impressive ranging from 150 g/km or 153 g/km. These figures fall into Band F or G VED bands. This is a drop from previous Q7 variants. I can’t believe that you could actually tax a Q7 for £145 to £180 a year. If you want to be even more budget conscious you could opt for monthly installments of £12.69 or £15.75 (based on 2015/2016 VED rates). Opting for bigger wheels (21 inches) will increase your Co2 emissions to 163 g/km but this still falls within VED bracket G.

Fuel Consumption (MPG)

The amount of miles per gallon ranges from 42.2 mpg (urban 3.0 TDI Quattro with 21 inch wheels and 272 PS) to 53.3 mpg (urban 3.0 TDI Quattro with 18 inch wheels and 218 PS). Therefore the most economical Q7 is the one with smaller wheels and less horsepower.

Audi-Q7 2015 Rear View

Audi Q7 Boot Space

With all seats upright the Audi Q7 boot space is 295 cubic litres. With rear seats folded flat the q7 boot space increases to 770 cubic litres. With two rows of seats folded flat the available boot pace in the q7 increases to 1955 cubic litres.

Insurance Bracket

Insurance brackets range from 1 to 50. The Q7 (understandably) falls into the higher figures for insurance purposes. The stated Q7 insurance bracket is 41E.

Load Limits

If you want to carry extra stuff on the roof you’ll have to make sure it’s 115 kg or less. As for pulling a trailer it will have to be 2800 kg or less. I’m not sure about both at the same time. It’s probably advised to double check with the Audi garage if you intend using both the Q7’s roof box and trailer.


The cars width is 1.691 metres without wing mirrors or 2.212 metres with them. The length is just over 5 metres and longer if you’re adding a tow bar.

Audi-Q7 2015 Dimensions

Matrix LED Lights

According to Audi these lights will adjust to whatever type of light you are driving in, they can swerve round corners and automatically adjust to dip when sensing oncoming traffic.

Audi-Q7 2015 Matrix LED Lights

Quattro as Standard

All Audi Q7 7-seaters have Quattro as standard. This basically is a 4-wheel drive function. The aim is to provide more grip on the road with each wheel responding appropriately to whatever driving conditions are experienced. The outcome is a car with more control.

Passenger Comfort

The new 2015 Q7 has greater headroom for all passengers. Six of the seven seats can be fitted with child ISOFIX seats and the rear two seats can be propped up or down at the touch of a button.

Audi-Q7 2015 Seating

Virtual Dashboard

The virtual dashboard is only available as an option. It has the original features such as revs, mileage and music but with an added option of shrinking these displays to enable you get a full view of the navigation map. Changes to what you see are achieved by using the intelligent steering wheel.

Internet on the Move

Provided you have an external data source you’ll be able to get online whilst travelling. This does come at a cost. You will get a 3-month free trial or a discounted 3-year subscription. When I say external data source I mean your car has to be in an area where there’s a 4G or a mobile network signal.

Audi-Q7 2015 Dashboard

Safety Features

There are three main safety features the second generation Audi Q7 (2015) has to improve safety. There’s the Collision Avoidance feature that can sense someone walking in front of you or a car that has suddenly braked. Secondly there’s the Exit Warning Assist. This will activate an LED warning light if you get out of your car and there’s a bollard, bike or car in the way. Thirdly the Cruise Control is improved to ensure you keep a safe distance between you and the car in front. Although to get this benefit you will need to activate the Traffic Jam Assist option.


The Trailer Assist option helps when towing a trailer. Using the MMI touch dial does this. You will be warned if there’s a risk of collision to both the car or the trailer. However Audi do write a disclaimer highlighting that these features are not a replacement for attentive driving.

The Predictive Efficiency Assist suggests methods to drive more economically. It also warns you of speed limits, hills and hidden bends. By following the advice given it claims to reduce fuel wastage by 10%. This option is only available when you buy the Audi Q7 Dynamic pack.


Two models (S line and SE) are available with 2 types of engines (3.0 litre quarto with either 218 PS or 272 PS). This gives four different types of Q7 to choose from.

S Line and SE Standard Features

S line Equipment


Colours are your typical Audi ones. The standard (free ones) are pure white or night black. There are seven optional metallic colours (£675); Orca black, Floret Silver, Glacier White, Graphite Grey, Argus Brown, Ink Blue and Diamond Beige. A metallic Daytona Grey is available for the S line model. You can choose your own colour for between £2,155.00 and £2655.00.

Leather Interior Seats

There are so many options here that it may take you a while to decide. You must also accept that some options may delay getting your Q7.

The standard seats have four leather options and up to four colours. There’s twin, perforated, cricket and perforated cricket leather. The colours are Black, Nougat brown, Rock Grey or Pistachio beige. The first two options are standard in the SE model and the last two options cost an additional £900. From the pictures on the brochure (page 40) there doesn’t appear to be that much difference.

Sports seats are available in both models but you’ll pay extra. The leather choice is different again (Alcantara or Valcona leather). There’s an additional colour option of Cedar brown with the S line Q7. These seats will cost from £1,900.00 to £2850 more.

If you opt for a comfort seat in the SE (you can’t get them in the S line) you’ll get seat ventilation, thigh support and electric adjustment. They cost £3250.00.

The S line sports seat can be either Black or Rotor Grey in either perforated Alcantara or Valcona leather. The later costing £1,100.00.

To increase comfort further there are additions such as memory function, heating, massage and seat ventilation. These cost between £350 and £1,050.

A Choice of inlays

If you want to add a unique finishing touch to your Q7 (& you can afford it) you can spend up to £1,900 on getting upper and lower inlays to your liking. Examples such as Beaufort Walnut or Anodised anthracite are available as an exclusive extra (£1,350).


On page 53 of the brochure there’s a chart with the wheels, tyre and suspension options. Tailor making your Q7 can cost up to £2,000 (Adaptive Air Suspension option).


Audi have so many packages you can add to your Q7 that it might take you quite a while to decide which to go for. Here’s some of them:-

Warranty and Servicing

As standard you get three years warranty when buying an Audi Q7 from new. You can opt to purchase year 4 and 5 for £560 or £1,335 respectively. The warranty starts from the date the Q7 is delivered. If you sell before the warranty runs out it is fully transferable to the new owner.

If you order accessories after that date they are covered for 2 years. When servicing in a fully approved Audi garage you’ll to get a courtesy car or refreshments while you wait. Included with all new Q7’s is three years roadside assistance, which covers you in the UK and Europe.

Audi-Q7 2015 Front View

Servicing is dependent on whether you drive over 10,000 miles. If you do they put you on a flexible service schedule. Each service includes a full valet.


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