Nissan Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPV) – Seven or More Seats

This Manufacturer has long-since made cars that are appealing to the masses. The Micra, for instance, is one of the much-loved cars and has been around in different guises for almost 30 years. With the market demanding multi-purpose vehicles, Nissan have taken to it and have three MPVs that are well worth a look.


Whether you need to carry more than four or five people around at the same time, head off-road or carry lots of items, Nissan's MPVs are some of the most practical and versatile cars around. Renowned for being user-friendly and have cheeky-looks, they have a charm that other manufacturers from Japan simply cannot match.


The Qashqai+2 is one of the newest mini-MPVs available on the market right now. The Qashqai +2 is a spin-off of the five-seater Qashqai, but now comes with seven seats and a little more head- and legroom. It's classed as a seven-seater but those extra seats in the boot are only for children and even then, only for short journeys. The Qashqai+2is a little longer than the normal one and that has made it lose its chunky looks and appeal slightly, but it still has a certain pull to it that other cars in its class, the Mitsubishi Grandis for one, simply cannot match.


*** Qashqai+2 ***

The cheapest Qashqai +2 will set you back around £16,318 and with all of the options ticked, it will cost £24,704, which is a little much. The puny engines, the 1.5 diesel and the 1.6 petrol engines are drab, noisy and gutless, so it's best to opt for the 2.0-litre petrol engine, which comes with an automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive. Click here to read our full Qashqai +2 Review.

The Clever - Cube3

For those wanting a more compact MPV the Nissan-Cube has a cubed version, the Nissan Cube3. The Nissan Cube doesn't leave much space in the boot when all the seats are upright but it is a super funky design that would appeal to the younger generation.


*** NissanCube3 ***

The Cube3 has lower co2 emissions at only 149g/km and falls into the very affordable bracket F. The Cube costs from £15,000, click here to read our full Nissan Cube Review.

Nissan - Pathfinder 4x4

The Pathfinder is designed for those who want to drive off road with the strength to tow a vehicle. The Nissan Pathfinder is one of the higher emitting c02 four wheel drive's emitting a whopping 327g/km of co2.

The Pathfinder has higher insurance costs, Car Tax and running costs the Pathfinder isn't the ideal option for the school run, but if you live in the country and need the strength that this vehicle can give then it is a good choice. Click here to read our full Pathfinder review.


Nissan - Patrol GR 4x4

the Patrol GR 4WD is another car more suitable for off-road driving. it is supposedly indestructible. The Pathrol GR has been custom made to take groups of people across the toughest of driving conditions.

The Patrol GR running costs are high with a high co2 output, high insurance costs, lower than average MPG and high Car Tax Band. Click here to read our full Nissan Patrol GR Review.