About Me

As a mother of four in 2006 I was searching for a seven-seater car. I had also completed a foundation degree in computing which included multi media studies and website design. At that time I could not find one resource for 7 seat vehicle information. That led me to create the website: www.7-seater-cars.co.uk.

That website has now been rebranded and re-created into what is now known as www.motormum.com. A rebrand and rename has allowed me to widen the family car information to include for example, eco cars, 5-Seat MPVs and any other vehicles in the United Kingdom that may be used by parents.

Our Team

Besides me and my adult stepson (Head of Design) we also work with a variety of researches and content writers. We are always looking for like minded individuals to become part of our team. If you believe you can contribute then please email us with a covering statement of how you are extra special and what you could contribute to the site. We are always looking for contributors and reviewers whether they are part time or ad hoc contributors.

Our Promise

We promise to consistently provide you with relevant motoring resources.

7 Seater Cars

* Kia Carens * Cheap 7-Seater Car

Why motormum.com was created?

An obsession with Family Cars and HTML Coding led to the creation of this site. Most would consider this an unusual combination of passions, but everyoneÕs different and I hope you love my site as much as I do.

What do we Aspire to?

We aspire to be the first port of call for parents in need of family motoring solutions and advice.

Citreon c4 Grand Picasso - 7 Seater Car

* Citreon C-Crosser * 7 Seater Car

What business are we in?

The Automobile Industry which includes vehicles, their parts, purchasing, hiring and whatever else related to motoring.

How we benefit, help and Support?

Information is researched from the perspective of parents who understands and empathise with the requirements of a parent!

What are your business aspirations?

To be the first port of call for parents wanting motoring solutions and advice.

What is our Key offering?

Simple Motoring Advice Š not that your simple Š itÕs just your probably trying to do research whilst breastfeeding or juggling the housework. So we KIS, (Keep it Simple)!

Mercedez Benz GL - 7 Seater Cars

* Mercedes Benz GL * 7 Seater Car

Our Mission Statement

"Our CompanyÕs mission is to provide trouble-free, customer-focused, reliable, and affordable family motoring solutions. We research, collate and analyze family vehicle information, so that you donÕt have to!"

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Why not email us at admin@motormum.com or contact us in one of our Social Circles.