All 7 Seater Cars in the UK Listed:

There are over Fourty models of 7 Seater Cars Available in the UK you can buy new, right from the showroom.

On top of that there's around another twenty People Carriers available Second Hand. Seven seater cars are becoming increasingly popular in Britain not merely because so many people have more than three children but for transporting family and friends too. We are lucky in Britain because there is a wide variety of motors to choose from.

Seven Seater Car Information

This website aims to provide you with information about UK cars that fit more than five passengers. As well as the above full UK list of 7-Seater Cars, our website shares information about the practicalities of purchasing a seven seater and we have also reviewed each model.

In our Car Reviews, we include useful information such as Car Tax Band, Insurance Band and Miles per gallon. We also have a very comprehensive Seven-Seater Car Rental section. The Renault Grand Espace, Kia Sedona, Citroen C-Crosser, Fiat Multipla and Peugeot 4007 are now only available when bought second hand.

There is a wide choice of vehicles in the UK for Seven individuals. This website intends to give you an idea of what type of what type would suit you best. There are pictures for each and every type of multi passenger vehicle mentioned on the site.

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