Choosing the Right Car-Loan

Buying a 7 seater car can be the first step on the way to comfortably transporting your family and friends. Perhaps you have had to drive around in cramped conditions or have been unable to take everybody along. Buying one of the many potential 7 seat cars may require you to take out Car Loan.

There are a number of finance options. Lending can vary by provider and the terms and conditions they apply, so it is a good idea to compare the offers out there before settling on one. When you trade in your vehicle for an alternative, the dealer commonly offers a finance deal as part of the trade-in. Although this can save you time in looking for alternatives, it is not necessarily in your best interests to take out this deal as opposed to an alternative finance deal from another provider.

7 Seater Car Loan

Several good comparison websites allow you to check prices easily and in a minimum amount of time. Finding out some quotes to take to the dealer gives you a relatively strong negotiating position, although some dealerships may not deviate from their own quote.

Annual Percentage Rate

When ascertaining the best deal available to buy your 7-seater, you should always look at the full price: i.e. the total payable over the full life of the finance including interest charges. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) charged is indicative of the value of the loan: a low APR is generally the better option. Zero Percent Finance is Best!

Taking Out an Unsecured Personal Loan

The advantages of taking out an unsecured personal loan are that the monthly instalments are fixed and you know the length of the term in advance. You are able to sell your vehicle before you have repaid the full amount. You are still eligible to repay the amount you borrowed in full because your vehicle is not used as the security.

The disadvantage of taking out unsecured personal finance is that you may find you could settle the loan early, but the contract prohibits lump sum settlement. You can still repay in many cases, but an early repayment charge is typically levied.

7 Seater Car Loan

Secured Lending

A secured loan is where your motor is used as security. The monthly repayments are typically lower than when you take out unsecured finance, and the term tends to be longer. You cannot sell your before you have repaid the amount you owe in full.

Payment Protection

The benefit of taking out a financing deal with a dealer or independently is that they can bundle the loan together with a Payment Protection insurance. Not everyone takes out payment protection because of the increased cost, however it is something to consider.

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