Why Sell Your 7-Seater MPV?

There are various reasons why drivers may want to sell their used vehicle. You may no longer have a need for a large passenger vehicle: perhaps your children have grown up and left the home or your regular passengers have no more need for transport. Alternatively, you may find it time to upgrade to another car: there is a wide range of MPVs with 7-seats available to buy in the UK, which may be more suitable for your purposes than the one you have.

Selling Vehicle Tips

Basic Methods of Selling

The basic methods to sell a used car include trading it in for another model with a car dealer, a private sale or through auctions, nowadays very popular on internet sites such as eBay. Family Vehicles with more than 5-seats tend to be very popular with family oriented buyers, so you should not have great difficulty in finding a buyer, provided, of course, the car is in good working order.

Trade-In to a Dealer

The benefit of using a trade-in with a dealer method is that it tends to move quicker than a private sale. The downside is that you do not tend to make much profit. Private sales, on the other hand, can take a long time and require you to be proactive in terms of advertising and showing your vehicle to prospective buyers.

Selling at an Auction

To sell a car at auction can be quick - although the asking price is not always met. You should not automatically expect to make a large profit through auction: it all depends on the particular buyers active at the time of the auction, the psychology of the auction itself as well as the condition of your 7-seater.

Selling Tips

Selling a used car can be an enjoyable process and if handled successfully. There are some general tips to consider before you set out to sell your people carrier that can save you a lot of time and effort once the process has started.

Clean it!

Firstly, it is always advisable to ensure that the vehicle is cleaned inside and out, has undergone all essential repairs, and has a valid MOT. It can be unlawful to sell a car that is not fully operational or has sustained some damage, so check this is not the case.

Research It

Online research into used car prices can help you determine a realistic price. A successful sale tends to go smoother when the buyer knows the price is reasonable. Buyers will also want to verify all the paperwork so make sure you have these to hand. Methods of payment can vary, but in general, cash is best to ensure you have been paid correctly. Cheques are probably no longer acceptable and electronic money transfers take some time to process. In general, wait until you are paid in full before handing over your seven-seater with the paperwork.

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