7-Seater Driving in France

If you live in Great Britain and are planning a holiday to France in your 7-seater you need to put aside some time to look at the driving in France rules before setting off. French holidays can be an enjoyable and wonderful experience and hopefully with the tips below your French Holiday will run smoothly.

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Car Dimensions

When booking with your Ferry Company make sure you know the dimensions of your car. If your 7-seater is longer than 5 metres then you will have to pay more. You will also have to specify whether or not you have a roof box and tow bar. Most Ferry booking companies will know the make of your car from the number plate that you enter, however not all of them do.

France Rules

When you drive in France there are extra French laws that you must abide to so that you avoid being fined. You will need the following:-

European Breakdown Cover

Very cheap Car Breakdown Cover can be purchased at the same time that you are booking your Ferry ticket. This seems to be standard procedure for ferry companies. You will be covered for the period of travel between your leaving and return dates. This also applies to driving through Eurotunnel. Your current breakdown cover company may already include European driving.

Travel Insurance

There are many benefits of travel insurance however you do know that the French Health service is better than the UK's and you can be treated for free provided you have your EHIC card. The European Health Insurance Card gives you access to reduced-cost or free medical treatment. To get your EHIC you need to apply through the post office or apply online.

Foreign Currency

You will need change so that you can pay for any tolls during your journey. You should get an idea of what tolls you will come across with your satellite navigation system or an up to date French driving map.

Catching your Ferry

You need to be fully aware of how much time you will be on the road before catching your Ferry or Eurotunnel. I say this because the majority of you will be going from Dover or Folkstone due to the cheaper rates that this crossing offers. Travelling to these ports will involve going through the M25. The M25 is well known for its delays.

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Only last week my sister took eight hours to travel from Basingstoke to Southend. Beware and consider how much time you will really need to catch your Ferry. You will need to check in at least 60 minutes before departure. We are travelling to Maidstone the night before to avoid any traffic delays and then catching the Ferry in the morning because we didn't want to run the risk of missing our Ferry due to the M25!

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