Honda Pilot – American MPV

With its muscular look and third row of seating, the Honda Pilot is a mid-sized SUV crossover that keeps 4WD admirers happy while also providing that much sought after additional seating. And it’s had a further facelift for the 2012 edition. This vehicle is only available in America. But you could import one in if you so wished.

Honda Pilot – 8 Seater

More frugal fuel economy

The grille is the most noticeable change in terms of the aesthetics. An improvement on the letterbox-style grill of the previous version, the 2012 installment features a more sophisticated looking 3-bar grille with a re-jigged headlight layout and more subtle edges. Along with the redesigned alloy wheels, the more aerodynamic Honda Pilot manages a more frugal fuel economy performance.

Three rows are stepped

As ever, the Pilot is a more sizeable vehicle compared to its competition, namely the Hyundai Veracruz and Toyota Highlander. The 8 seats across three rows are stepped much in the same way as in a cinema meaning everyone gets a view of the road and the back row doesn’t feel a million miles away.

Perfectly weighted ride

Where the Pilot really comes into its own, and proves its credentials as a true crossover, is in the chassis construction. It uses a combination of a unibody format, similar to a family sedan, crossed with a perimeter frame much like you would find on a truck. The result is a perfectly weighted ride that feels smooth yet sturdy all at the same time.

Honda Pilot – Interior Seating

People Carrier that looks like an MPV

Former buyers of this crossover SUV will almost certainly go into autopilot when considering an update – for those that have already tried it, there is no other choice. And for those that haven’t, this is the perfect compromise. It’s a people carrier: it just looks like an SUV.

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