How To Cope As A Designated Driver

It's a well known fact that driving while under the influence of alcohol leads to accidents, fines, license suspension, driving bans, higher car insurance premiums and even time in prison. Stricter policies have given rise to more people being stopped at the roadside and tested for blood alcohol than ever before, and campaigns in pubs and on the internet, TV and radio mean that nobody escapes the warning.

But while drivers themselves may be behaving responsibly and laying off the drink, being the 'designated driver' comes with its own set of problems.

Drink Driving

It's estimated that during Christmas/New Year 2010, 13 million designated drivers will take their drunken friends home. Out of these, approximately 750,000 will somehow lose control of their vehicle or crash due to the behaviour of their drunk passengers. Such behaviours include:

It's easy to see why each of these could cause the most sober of drivers to lose control, but short of refusing lifts to your friends, what can you do about it? Here are some tips on preparing for and coping with drunk passengers: