MPV Acronyms and Meanings:

There are many of meanings for the term MPV. I automatically assumed that it was closely linked to people carriers, some of which had seven seats. However a search on the internet produced far more descriptions for the Acronym “MPV” than I ever imagined.

Citroen C8 – Seven Seats

** Citroen C8 **

MPV – A Car

In my dictionary MPV only means multi purpose vehicle, but it is more often than not used to describe a family car. MPV doesn’t mean that a car has 7-Seats but it is quite often used as a term for such vehicles.

MPV – Multi Purpose Passenger Vehicles

There’s a double “P” here but that doesn’t seem to bother whoever came up with this acronym.

MPV – Mine Protected Vehicles

These are most used in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. They are vehicles that are super strong that will withstand ambush.

MPV - Bloods

Mean platelet Volume is a calculation made on the number of platelets that you have in your blood. Too many or too few can cause problems.

MPV in PayPal

Mobile Payment Volume – I guess this is the number of people that are now using their mobile phones to pay. I must admit that since Boots, Ebay and other stores have a PayPal option I have used my phone more and more to order and pay for stuff. Quite dangerous really! Especially after a glass of wine. Ah well it’s a nice surprise when a parcel comes which I had forgotten I’d ordered. I just love PayPal because you don’t have to key in your credit card details every time.

MPV – Minimum Price Variation

This is something to do with the stock market, a subject which I know nothing about.

MPV – Mechanically Propelled Vehicle

Is this not a car – or another name for a car?


When using MPV to describe your 7-seater beware of all other connotations that it may or may not mean.

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