Mercedes Benz Revamps R-Class 2012

Merc’s luxury 7-seater gets a face-lift and continues to lead its class. Having only been around since 2006, the Mercedes-Benz R-Class has been revamped and relaunched to the world, boasting new safety features and giving its passengers a whole new level of comfort.

Following Mercedes-Benz’s tweaking of other models in the range, the R-Class has collected a new set of headlights and revamped bumpers, which will launch it into 2011 with a bang. Other SUVs of this nature simply cannot match the level of opulent styling and gorgeous interior.

Mercedes Benz RClass

No longer are the rich and famous taking a limousine everywhere; they’re choosing Merc’s stretched SUV to get around in style. The interior is simply cavernous and swathed in soft, Nappa leather, which is waxy to touch and has air-holes to help it ‘breathe’.

This makes the car comfortable on long journeys or cross-continental jaunts. With a huge range from the fuel tank (400 miles plus), passengers can make some serious ground before pit-stops.

What’s more, the Mercedes-Benz R-Class can carry sevenadults in comfort. Normally, large families or groups of friends or colleagues would need to take two cars or a bus, neither of which are very stylish nor practical. The R-Class solves this dilemma.

Mercedes R Class Seating Plan

Another part of the revamp is the heightened safety features. Mercedes always keeps safety high up on the priority list when its designs cars, and the R-Class is no different. Mercedes is sometimes seen as a leader in car manufacturing circles, and with the automatic 'Pre-Safe’ Neck-Pro restraints, eight airbags, tyre pressure loss warnings and help with the driver’s blind spot, the R-Class is one of the safest places to be on the road.

The ‘blind spot’ help comes from lasers in the bumpers, which warn the driver of another vehicle, which is in the difficult-to-see areas around the car. While this may be insurance for the company, who makes their cars with huge B pillars, it is mighty impressive.

Mercedes’ focus with the R-Class is to have a prestigious, spacious and exceptional blend of functionality and style, and venturing into 2011, the company has not missed the mark. The comfort levels of the R-Class are almost unbeatable, other than by different Benz models, especially with the re-jigged Airmatic air suspension, which comes complete with ADS―the brand’s adaptive damping system.

Additionally, the new Merc comes with the latest software for the 7G-Tronic automatic gearbox. It is seamless in its gear-changing abilities and with the new lock-up clutch, it is also fuel efficient.

If you’re sold on the idea of owning an R-Class, there is one major pitfall, and that is the price. Starting at £38,000, which soon becomes £45,000-plus with options, it puts the Mercedes in a class of its own. If you have money to burn on a 7-seater, luxury MPV/SUV, then the Mercedes-Benz R-Class is definitely for you.

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