Common Questions

Hiring a 7-seater car to transport your family or friends can be the start of a great experience, or a potentially less pleasing one if you have overlooked potential car hire tips and requirements. Taking a minute to read through frequently asked rental questions could save you time and potentially money later.

Does it Automatically Include Insurance?

Hiring in the United Kingdom, throughout Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand automatically includes insurance cover. The cost of this is quoted at the time of booking. When using our recommended suppliers, , the process is very straight forward. Any insurance typically includes Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), for any damage sustained in an accident as well as vandalism, Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), Third Party Liability and Theft.

What about the Excess?

The cost of the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), Third Party Liability or Theft is included in the 7-seater rental price. Super Collision Damage Waiver, Non Waiver and Deductible are all terms used by different rental companies, including to refer to the excess. This is the amount payable in the event of damage or theft that is not covered by the insurance. This excess can vary from a few hundred to several thousand pounds, depending on the size of the vehicle as well as the company's own policies. You should consider the excess carefully as it is a potential cost that can be incurred.

When Travelling Abroad, Do You Need an International Driving License?

Driving abroad generally does not require you to carry an international driving license. Typically, United Kingdom as well as European companies request a driving license that is from your country of residence. The exceptions to this are when a driving license is in an alphabet other than the Roman one used throughout most of Europe. Russian, Greek, Japanese or Chinese driving license holders, for example, are required to carry an International Driving License.

What is One-Way Hiring and is it Common?

One-way Hiring is when you collect your vehicle from one location and drop it off at the end of your journey elsewhere. This is very handy when you are travelling a long distance, for example from the south of England to the Scottish Highlands or abroad. Using the one-way rental option, you can then leave the vehicle without having to make a round trip.

This method is common for large companies that have a number of offices across the country or in Europe. Our recommended supplier, have access to offices all over the world and compare prices from 50 different providers.

Do You Have to Pay with a Credit Card?

The majority of companies require you to book and pay for with a credit card. Debit cards and Cheques are typically not accepted. You may find yourself unable to hire a 7-seater without a valid credit card.

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