Rental Extras

When hiring a 7-seater car there are a variety of extras that you may or may not wish to include or add to the order.

Consider the Cost Extras

When you are deciding on transport for your family or friends, you are likely to be offered a variety of extras in addition to the standard cost. Extras can include baby seats, children's booster seats, entertainment packages such as DVD or television screens with a playlist of films or music, snow chains, roof racks, storage boxes or additional driver insurance cover. All of these extras are available from our recommended comparison company, .

Even when you are quoted quite a cheap cost when adding the cost of the extras to the overall package it can soon result in a higher cost than you had planned for. Do consider carefully whether you need all of the extras that the company offers to you: snow chains, for example, are commonly offered in France but are not likely to be needed along the Mediterranean coast or in the flat northern part of the country.

Fuel Charges and Fees

The majority of car hire companies, including require you to return the people carrier hire with a full tank of fuel. This is covered by a fuel tank deposit, which is returned in full once you have returned the vehicle fully tanked.

It is a good tip to plan your return in advance. The return is likely to be due at a set time; if this is in the evening or during the night, you should look for fuel stations close to the drop-off point that are open at that time.

Baby Seats and Children's Booster Seats

Baby and children's booster seats are mandatory throughout most of Europe. Most Rental companies offer baby / child booster seats for an extra charge. This is mostly charged by the day in the USA or as a one-off cost in the UK and Europe. Whether you decide to take your own or hire a baby / child booster seat, be sure to check that it actually fits in the vehicle you have hired. If there are individual ISOFIX Seats you should be fine.

Late Return Fees

Although this is an unwanted extra, of course, you should take care not to return your vehicle past the allotted time. You may be able to extend the hire period by checking the booking online or by phoning the company. If you know that you are going to be late returning let the company know in advance to limit the late return fees.

Late return fees can be charged by the hour or by the day, depending on the time of year and the terms and conditions you agreed to. It may be more economical to extend the hire period rather than return the rental late, even by a few hours.


Driving insurance can in some cases cover extras including personal items and Personal Accident Insurance (PAI). The latter can help pay medical costs in the event of an accident. Make sure you check the small print.

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