Phone Sat Nav – GPS Navigation 2

The GPS Navigation 2 Sat Nav phone app only cost £1.49 and is made by Skobbler GmbH. The maps are open street maps and they are downloadable for a fee.

GPS Navigation 2 - Performance

Downloaded quickly and easily. When opened it presented us with a nice home screen with a big navigation button in the middle. Very intuitive.

GPS Navigation 2 Skobbler Icon

GPS Navigation 2 – Route Planner

It had no problems recognising where we were and was able to plan sensible routes without difficulty. The menu layout was pretty straightforward and allows nice options like access to your iPod application when you're driving along. Without the downloaded map it still relies on a data signal however.

Sat Nav Apps - GPS Navigation 2 Buttons

GPS Navigation 2 – Downloadable Maps

Installable maps are available and they cost a £2.49 for a country, £4.99 for a continent, or £7.99 for the whole world. Downloading extra maps shouldn't break the bank. On our version there was also the option of downloading the voice of Wallace and Gromit for an extra £2.49.

GPS Navigation 2 – Map Screen

The map screen itself was very clearly presented and reminded me a lot of Google Maps. It also has a clear button at the top for reporting bugs so you can continue to help improve the app.

GPS Navigation 2 – What we Liked

This App is easy to use, very clear and has nicely presented maps and menus, option to upgrade and download maps.

GPS Navigation 2 Skobbler Icon

GPS Navigation 2 – What could be better

We felt that this App still lacks the polish of the Waze Sat Nav App.

GPS Navigation 2 – Overall Rating

We have given this App an wverall rating of 7/10

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆