Sat Nav App - Sygic

The Sygic Sat Nav App costs slightly more than other apps at £13.49. The company is also called Sygic. The maps are downloadable and are the recognisable Tom Tom maps.

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Sygic - Performance

We expected a lot from this application as it uses maps provided by Tom Tom. We have always liked using Tom Tom standalone Sat Nav units in the past and have been impressed by their reliability but not as happy with their price. Could this application really give us the Tom Tom experience without the hefty fee?

Sygic - Downloading initial Map

Downloading the initial map data takes some time and again we recommend that you do this over wifi. Once opened you quickly set up your preferences for your country and you're away.

Sat Nav App Sygic Screen Shot

Sygic - Appearance

We have to say that Sygic immediately feels very polished and you get the sense that you have spent your money wisely. The menus are easy to navigate and the layout is very clear. All the information you need is clearly presented. The only downside is perhaps that the application does so much it can get a bit fiddly trying to find the function you're looking for.

Sygic - Route Calculation

The maps seemed to perform exactly as Tom Tom maps do on our old standalone Tom Tom unit. It picked out the correct routes and was easily able to recalculate routes where we deliberately went the wrong way. This makes us feel very confident about using it on a daily basis, especially abroad. The installed voices were also the highest quality we've heard on any of the applications, sounding very natural.

Sygic - 3D Maps

At the time of writing Sygic are offering a free upgrade to 3D maps and City guides. The 3D maps are a nice addition and give you a sense of the landscape around you. We have not yet tested the city guides.

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Sygic - What we liked

Good maps from a tried and tested firm, easy to use and very polished.

Sygic - What we didn't like

We couldn't really find many faults.

Sygic - Overall Rating

Overall rating 9/10.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆