Sat Nav App - NavFree GPS

The Nav Free GPS is a free App for your mobile phone made by Geollife Ltd. The type of maps are open street maps and they are downloadable.

Sat Nav App - Nav Free GPS

** Free Sat Nav App - Iphone **

NavFree GPS - Performance

Took a while to initially download the map of the UK (you need to be using a wifi signal to do this or risk big data charges from your carrier). Once downloaded though we had a full map of the UK at our fingertips. The first navigation page is simple and intuitive but not as nicely presented as Waze. You also immediately notice an advert placed at the bottom of the screen but then this is the downside of having the app for free and you can remove the ads for a £1.49 upgrade fee. It also gives you the option to add extra maps (for any country), some additional voices and safety camera positions for additional upgrade fees. Once you set the route you want to follow you get a full screen map and the advert disappears so it's not distracting whilst you're driving.

NavFree GPS - Presentation

The full screen maps were again not as well presented as Waze and felt cluttered for some reason. We noticed a nice touch was the ability to access your music from a button directly on the map screen.

Sat Nav App Free Screenshot

NavFree GPS – Route Planning

We could find no major issues with the route planning. On one occasion it did take us on a route that we would not have chosen ourselves however this is a minor quibble. The ability to have maps downloaded meant that we had no issues picking routes. It also had no problems when we deliberately took a wrong turn and it calculated a new route quickly.

NavFree GPS – What we Liked

We liked that this app was easy to use, does the job and is free (with adverts). It can be used abroad with no data charges. If you buy extra maps they are only £1.99 each.

NavFree GPS – What we Didn’t like

We felt that the design could do with a little makeover but then again that’s our personal opinion.

Sat Nav App - Nav Free GPS

** Free Sat Nav App - Iphone **

NavFree GPS – Overall Rating

Overall rating: 6/10

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