BMW testing new X5 7-Seater 2014

Photographs of the new version of the BMW X5 are already doing the rounds on the internet as the German automaker road tests the brand new 7-seater ahead of release, which is expected towards the end of next year. Little is known about the 2014 edition of the popular X5 given tests were conducted with the body covered in swirl paint which was designed to camouflage the body detail.

BMW X5 - 2014

** BMW X5 **

Lighter Weight

What we do know is that BMW is expected to bring the weight of the vehicle down by up to 200kgs courtesy of greater aluminum use in the body, meaning it should be more fuel efficient. New engine options are also expected to boost fuel efficiency.

It is likely that BMW’s new ActiveHybrid engine will be an option, so too will the V8-powered engine in the top of the range version.


The ActiveHybrid engine is a new concept at BMW that has increasingly been installed in many of the carmaker’s vehicles. The benefits include a smoother torque range so that maximum power is achieved from the word go. With greater fuel efficiency given the electric motor also acts as a generator to charge up a battery, this is a fully functioning hybrid vehicle. Petrol and diesel engine versions will almost certainly be available for the new X5 when it eventually comes onto the market.


Although BMW has done well to hide the body of the vehicle, clearly it is going to adopt the wider grille already seen on the new X3, a mid-size SUV which recently came on the market. It will give the BMW X5 a slightly more regal, quality look from the front, with a less curvy grille, as seen on slightly older BMWs. The headlights look as though they will link directly to the sides of the vehicle.

Features All-Wheel-Drive

In terms of evolution, the X5 has come farther than any other SUV produced by BMW. It was the first crossover SUV manufactured by the German auto company when it first rolled off the production line in 1999. The latest version features all-wheel drive, a part of the overall make-up that has led BMW to describe it as a sport activity vehicle rather than a sport utility vehicle.


** BMW X5 – Up to 7 Seats **

2011 BMW X5

The 2011 model, the most recent, saw a revised front bumper plus air intakes along with a number of small cosmetic changes, the latter being something that BMW seems to be going farther with for the 2014 edition. There were changes to the engine last time round, too, including both straight-6 and V8 turbocharged editions that were not available previously. But these editions will likely only remain on sale for another 18 months or so until the new version hits the road.

The X5 seems to be a natural evolution in terms of exterior styling, something we have already witnessed in the, new BMWs recently, with the X3 being a good example. From the images available so far, it seems the German carmaker has once again done an excellent job of hiding the X5’s three rows of seats. All will be revealed in due time, however.

The current BMW from X5 has the third row of seats as an option costing just under £2,000. This is likely to be similar with the new 2014 BMW X5 Version.

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